Mountain Bike Holidays in Andalucia, Spain

Enjoy great mountain biking excursions on holiday in Spain.   We offer Mountain biking in Andalucia, Spainyou the choice of either straight forward mountain bike hire for exploring on your own, using our fully researched & mapped mountain bike routes or our exciting mountain bike day and half day excursions.  Please NB there is a minimum height required for the bikes - see Activity Requirements / Notes below ffi. 

Family Riders "Cycle & Snork" Ride

For less experienced riders we spend a relaxing half day exploring the neighbouring tropical fruit fields and surrounding country sideMTBs at top of Sierra Almijarra downhill route, before heading back to the coast on our "Cycle & Snork" trip.  The route will be initially well paved and tailored to both the group's abilities and the temperature on the day.  We provide rucksacks for your swimming gear and towels, as well as snorkels and masks for everyone's use if we stop for a swim.  Snack pack included and we can stop for tapas or ice creams when we get back to the coast as well if everyone wants.  Suitable for all regular cyclists.  Snack pack included. 

Sierra Almijarra Natural Park Mountain Bike Ride

 Halfway stop for tapa on Sierra Almijarra routeThis is a great autumn / winter / spring ride, where we take you and the bikes up your drop off at the edges of the park at an altitude of 1200m above sea level.  The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and we often see Cabra Montes (Mountain Goats) and eagles circling the peaks.  You then descend on (initially graded) forest tracks through the park passing through a typical white village where we can stop for refreshments & tapas.  From here we can take a road down through the pines, or go off road again through the Nispora & Avocado orchards, before returning back either via road or by diving down into Rio Verde to follow the river course back.

Approx 23km - and pretty well all of it is downhill!  Suitable for experienced riders happy on steeper downhill sections with loose gravel / rocks.  Hill side restaurant lunch included. 

Mountain Bike Ridge Route

The ridge route starts from town, where a trip out through the chirimoya fields leads to Rio Verde, where you then climb to the ridge start at around 280m alt.  It's then a straight ride over the ridge on well defined trails, passing through avocado & mango groves with spectacular views over the white villages.  At the end of the ridge (approx 5km) you have various choices such as exploring Aerial Hill with its views from around 600m over the sea and coastal watchtowers, dropping down to neighbouring villages to sight see, returning via road (downhill all the way !) or returning via the neighbouring coastal town of Salobreña, with its Moorish castle and narrow streets.  Suitable for experienced riders only - Min no 2px.  Approx. 8km - 25km depending on route options taken. Picnic lunch included.  See Jacob's video at

Self guided mountain bike routes

We also have a good choice of local self guided mountain bike routes suitable Cycling alogside the seafor most abilities, using our extensively researched route packs which contain all the information on both the route, as well as the points of interest you will pass, to guarantee you a first class days cycling. 

Due to the nature of the local terrain in this part of Spain we can offer a choice of easy flat local rides along the dry river beds and coastal plain, or more challenging bike excursions into the local hills along established cross country routes.

You will see the Pueblos Blancos (white villages) that cling like sugar cubes to the hill sides, with stunning views over the coastal plain from Motril in the east to Punta de la Mona in the west.  You will be able to cycle through fields of chirimoya, mango and avocado on the lower valley floor and surrounding country side, or follow ancient dry river beds past Roman aqueducts to explore the outlying white villages.

Many View from Pena Escrita towards Mediterranean coastroutes will take you through the very heart of the local farming community, allowing you a unique opportunity to see first hand techniques which have not changed in Spain for centuries, where farmers still use the mule as a form of transport and water is still distributed by the extensive network of acequias built by the Moors when they controlled Andalucia. 

Or you could simply choose to hug the coastline and explore typical Andalucia coastal towns like Salobreña or La Herradura.  Whichever route you choose to follow you are guaranteed to see the very best of Spain.

The mountain bikes

Unlike some budget mountain bike holidays we don't provide cheapo steel bikes.  We use primarily Specialized as our supplier of mountain bikes here in Spain, as they have proven performance and reliability as a world renowned manufacture - currently we are running a fleet of Hardrock Sports.  These are an excellent hard tail mountain bike for this kind of territory, with a proven pedigree.  We have a range of frame sizes suitable for over 5ft 6" / 1.55m and all bikes are fully serviced before your arrival.

We also have a couple of hybrid tourers available (Dawes & Gary Fisher) fitted with panniers for those who wish to explore by road, as well as a couple of children's sized bikes for use on the sea front paseos - just ask for a packed lunch and off you go!

What's included?

The following are included in this activity:

  • Transport to start location
  • Safety helmet
  • MTB / cycling gloves
  • All route notes / maps as necessary
  • Illustrated Points of Interest notes
  • Transport back from finish location

Mountain Bike Activity Requirements / Notes

  • Age limit: None for general cycling, but we would advise parental discretion on the longer off road routes for younger children especially in summer.
  • Minimum Height for MTB: 1.57m (5ft 2") - See note below for frame size availability
  • Pedals - We leave the stock flatties on our bikes as there will always be a difference in release characteristics dependent on the wear on your cleats and the wear / spring tension on the pedals.  Simply bring your own SPDs, Egg Beaters or whatever as well as your shoes and we will fit them - then you are sure everything is going to work exactly like at home.
  • Hire of helmet, gloves, rucksack, water bottle, tool kit & spares included.
  • We recommend the wearing of suitable eye protection against flying insects

Frame sizes: We have frame sizes to suit most adults from 1.68m (5' 6") upwards, but only limited frames for 1.57m (5' 2") which will be reserved in order of date of receipt of your activity planner.

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