Local Champion Ice Cream Maker

Anyone who has been here will know of the fabulous heladerias / geletarias around the town and sea front with their fabulous displays of home made ice-creams.  One of our local ice cream craftsmen,  José Muñoz Frontana,  of Heladería Daniel on Paseo San Cristobal, has got through to the final 12 of the national “Best Ice Cream Maker Of Spain” competition.

The finals are being held in Madrid from 23 to 26 February.  Each contestant will have 9 and a half hours per day to create their entries, with the judges looking at their skills, flavours, composition, texture, decoration, techniques and creativity .

You can skip the advert in the video when the text in the video reads  “Saltar Anuncio” – or if the video does not work try this direct link: 2018 Ice Cream Championship. and the interview should start after the advert finishes (small timer at bottom right).


2018 Gastro Fair

It’s that time of year again!  The 20th annual Feria Gastronomia  starts today, in the usual venue Majuelo Park, off Av. Europa.

The fair will runs as usual for 3 days – Fri 8th, Sat 9th and Sun 10th June.  The layout is key restaurants and tapas bars from Almunecar & La Herradura, showcasing signature dishes and wines to accompany them.

Amongst others we are expecting to see Mesón El Corzo, Gastrobar De la Flor, Restaurante La China, Yo como menú, Asador Casa La Parra, Mesón Mari y Miguel, Salitre Playa, Internacional Kelibia, Mesón Gala, La Despensa de la Abuela, Taberna Ayer, La Choza, Pizzería Da Mario, Puchero de Helena, Bar Bikini, Heladería-Cafetería Daniel and Distribuciones Gomezcor .

This year there are featured exhibitions, such as a Gin & Tonic seminar at 17:00 on Friday, 20:00 a dance group “Alma Marinera”, 21:00  a cocktail promotion and a tapas dish competition sponsored by Cruzcampo’s new “Ladron de Manzanas” cider.

On Saturday, at 13:30 there will be the prize giving for the tapas contest, 16:00 a cocktail demo and at 20:00 the dance group “Sabor a Mar” will take to the stage.

Finishing up on Sunday at 13:00 “Andalucía Baila”  will be performing before the event closes circa 18:00, at which point we can reach for the Rennies and start looking forward to next year..



2018 Ruta de Tapas

This weekend (19,20, 21) and next (26, 27 &28th Apr) see the annual “Ruta de Tapas” with 27 bars, restaurants & chiringuitos taking part. New this year is an App you can download from Play store to help you navigate – just click on the poster below and scan the QR code with your phone!!

You can also view an interactive map with all the locations on it on the web site at: gastronomia.almunecar.es

Bollos de San Juan

Here’s one of those “you only see them once a year” eatables – a Bollo de San Juan  which is a cinnamon flavoured bread roll with a hard boiled egg embedded within..

Bollo de San Juan
Bollo de San Juan

These are traditionally eaten during the Fiesta de San Juan which also celebrates the summer solstice.

San Juan, see literally thousands camping out along the coast with bonfires to celebrate the solstice, ans ids the only night of the year on which you are legally allowed to erect tents and sleep on the beach.  Large bonfires are built and at midnight it is traditional to burn old items to purge any bad luck and to jump over the flames three times.  A traditional midnight dip in the sea to wash your hands and feet three times completes ceremonies and guarantees good luck in the next 12 months – the sea temperature was  24C last night so not too onerous!

Semana de Espetos

In an effort to promote the fact that espetos are not purely a Malaga thing, the association of chiringuitos has launched espeto week here on the Costa Tropical.

For those who don’t know, espetos de sardinas  are fresh sardines, seasoned with sea salt, skewered on sugar cane or bamboo spears and then barbequed over olive wood.  Usually served just with locally grown lemon, along with freshly baked bread with olive oil, they are absolutely superb at this time of year. Simply the best lunch possible sat on the beach, and as an oily fish, sardines are highly recommended as being good for you.  Other sea food can also be prepared and cooked this way – most common is sardines, but langostines / gambas and occasionally octopus (pulpo) are also prepared like this.

The promotional week runs from Monday 26th to Friday 30th, just €5 will get you not only the espeto, but a beer, tinto verano, soft drink or water as well.

The 16 participating restaurants are:

  • Playa Cantarriján: La Barraca.
  • Playa La Herradura: Chambao Vicente, Chiringuito Bueno, La Sardina, Bambú, Rebalaje y Chambao Joaquín.
  • Playa San Cristóbal: Chiringuito Dorada de Plata, Pepe Dígame, Vizcaya y Calabré.
  • Playa Velilla: Chiringuito Primera Ola, C´a Mariano y Playamar
  • Playa El Pozuelo: Chiringuito Balate y restaurante Viña del Mar

19th Annual Almuñécar Gastro Fair

This year’s Gastro Fair or Feria Gastronomique is confirmed for the long weekend 9th to 11th June.

Once again to be held in Majuelo Park this is a great opportunity to sample signature dishes of some key restaurants and tapas bars.

Opening times this year are: Friday, June 9, from 13:00 to 00:00 hours; Saturday, June 10 from 12 a.m. to Sunday and 11 a.m. from 12 a.m. to 6 p.m.

There will be a minimum price of 1 euros and a maximum of 6 euros per dish.

It’s a great setting, next to the 4th century BC Roman garum fermenting tanks, with the Castillo de San Miguel rising above the park. The town hall install shading with water vapour cooling jets, so even if it’s a hot afternoon it’s always comfortable eating out amongst the stands. Not to be missed!!

2017 3rd Annual Ruta De Tapas

Tomorrow sees the start of the annual #Almunecar Ruta De Tapas, running until Sun 23rd. Over 40 tapas bars and restaurants are in this year, and as before if you get 5 or more “stamps” on your passport you stand to win Spa tickets, discounts on promo beers and more. You also get to vote on the best tapas and the winning restaurant / bars stand to win free fees for the Gastro Fair.

Full list of participating bars and restaurants is below (click to enlarge / download to your phone or tablet or print):

Best Tortilla Competition Winner

Chiringuito Bambu Wins!

Congratulations to Chiringuito Bambu for winning the La Herradura “Ruta de Tortilla” competition for the best tortilla.

It’s always a bit of a wonder how classic tortillas, using just potatoes, onions, eggs & olive oil , can vary so much.  The amount of sweetness is governed by the cooking and caramelisation of the onions, for example.  Often served lukewarm with Ali Oli, a thick home made garlic mayonnaise – or eaten as the filing for a bocadillo – they are always welcome on the table.

Bambu successfully beat off competition from 16 other local restaurants and scooped up awards from the deputy mayor, Juan Jose Ruiz Joya, for “Best tortilla”, “Best attention and service” and “Most original”.  The winning tortilla will feature as next Saturdays tapa when you buy a drink there.

XVIII Almuñécar Feria Gastronómica

18th Annual Almunecar Gastro Fair

They say some people eat to live,  while others live to eat.

And one of the best things about Almuñécar is that it’s pretty well impossible to get a bad meal from the traditional local restaurants.

And one of the even better things,  is that every spring there’s a brilliant opportunity to sample some of the best local dishes in the annual Feria Gastronómica,  or Gastro Fair!

Gastro Fair


Held every spring in Majuelo Park – this year Fri 10 to Sun 12 June –  this is the best opportunity you’ll get to sample key, signature, dishes in tasting menu sized portions without breaking the bank,  as there’s a maximum price of €6 for a dish.  Each participating restaurant must offer at least 5 dishes,  which should also be  usually be on offer on their normal menus, so no “special deals just for the fair!”.  Alongside their menus they can also offer wines and drinks to compliment the menu options.  All other beers,  tinto verano, spirits,  soft drinks etc are available at the large public bar which will be constructed. 

Held over the southern end of the park in front  of the stage (where the annual Jazz en la Costa is held)  the usual set up is a perimeter of local restaurants and tapas bars set up in small booths,  surrounding a larger communal pool of tables and chairs with a large bar to the side.

Simply cruise along the booths which will all have the day’s offerings displayed on menu boards,  or simply point and shoot at whatever takes your fancy.  If it takes a while to cook you’ll be told so,  so take the opportunity to bag a free table,  choose a wine or beer to accompany your choice and await your freshly cooked dish while soaking up the ambience.  There are usually also a series of stage shows to help things along, as well as local music. 

Feria Gastronómica 2016 Hours

Opening hours for this year are at present:

Friday 10 June 13.00 to 00.00h

Saturday 11 June 12.00h to 00.00

Sunday 12 June 12.00 to 18.00

Participating Bars & Restaurants

  • Heladería Café Daniel
  • Mesón Mari y Miguel
  • Restaurante Calabré
  • Bar Bikini
  • Restaurante Aura
  • Bar La Choza
  • El Puchero de Helena
  • Cortadores Jamón Almuñécar
  • Bodega Francisco I
  • Distribuciones Gomezcor
  • La Despensa de la Abuela
  • La Bodega Sexitana
  • De la Flor Gastrobar
  • Freiduría Lute y Jesús
  • Restaurante La Parra.