Open Air Samba Concert

Just a quick “heads up” that on Friday 30th June at 22:00 there will be an open air Samba & Bossanova concert in the gardens of the Palacette de la Najarra, here in Almunecar.

Tickets are €6 in advance (from Viajes Equador  on Paseo de Altillo) or €8 on the door.

Gigs held here in the gardens are always smaller and more intimate than the ones in Majuelo Park, so advance purchase is recommended.


Semana de Espetos

In an effort to promote the fact that espetos are not purely a Malaga thing, the association of chiringuitos has launched espeto week here on the Costa Tropical.

For those who don’t know, espetos de sardinas  are fresh sardines, seasoned with sea salt, skewered on sugar cane or bamboo spears and then barbequed over olive wood.  Usually served just with locally grown lemon, along with freshly baked bread with olive oil, they are absolutely superb at this time of year. Simply the best lunch possible sat on the beach, and as an oily fish, sardines are highly recommended as being good for you.  Other sea food can also be prepared and cooked this way – most common is sardines, but langostines / gambas and occasionally octopus (pulpo) are also prepared like this.

The promotional week runs from Monday 26th to Friday 30th, just €5 will get you not only the espeto, but a beer, tinto verano, soft drink or water as well.

The 16 participating restaurants are:

  • Playa Cantarriján: La Barraca.
  • Playa La Herradura: Chambao Vicente, Chiringuito Bueno, La Sardina, Bambú, Rebalaje y Chambao Joaquín.
  • Playa San Cristóbal: Chiringuito Dorada de Plata, Pepe Dígame, Vizcaya y Calabré.
  • Playa Velilla: Chiringuito Primera Ola, C´a Mariano y Playamar
  • Playa El Pozuelo: Chiringuito Balate y restaurante Viña del Mar

19th Annual Almuñécar Gastro Fair

This year’s Gastro Fair or Feria Gastronomique is confirmed for the long weekend 9th to 11th June.

Once again to be held in Majuelo Park this is a great opportunity to sample signature dishes of some key restaurants and tapas bars.

Opening times this year are: Friday, June 9, from 13:00 to 00:00 hours; Saturday, June 10 from 12 a.m. to Sunday and 11 a.m. from 12 a.m. to 6 p.m.

There will be a minimum price of 1 euros and a maximum of 6 euros per dish.

It’s a great setting, next to the 4th century BC Roman garum fermenting tanks, with the Castillo de San Miguel rising above the park. The town hall install shading with water vapour cooling jets, so even if it’s a hot afternoon it’s always comfortable eating out amongst the stands. Not to be missed!!

2017 Almunecar Cruces De Mayo

Once again its the annual Cruces de Mayo, or the May Crosses. This year they’re being exhibited from Sunday 30th April through to Wednesday 3rd May, with judging being started on 30th from 19:00 onwards.

Each cross will be awarded up to 5 points in each of the following categories: Decoration of the cross itself, variety & selection of flowers, lighting, surroundings, display of local / traditional gastronomy and overall originality, with a special children’s category as well.

As every year there are limits on the times for music, with hours being generally Sunday 12:00 – 18:00 and 20:00 – 02:00.  Monday & Tuesday 12:00 – 18:00 and 20:00 – 02:00 ad finally Wednesday from 12:00 – 22:00.

As much a demonstration of pagan tradition as it is of Christian faith the origins of Cruces De Mayo are rooted in a confusion of legend and folklore.  For full information on the meaning and history of the May Crosses please see our dedicated meaning of Cruces de Mayo post.

Cruz Cofradía de la Oración en el Huerto, en plaza de la Rosa.
Cruz de La Piedad, Plaza Kelibia
Cruz Internacional Kelibia, plaza Kelibia
Cruz Alhambra, Calle Angustias Moderna,5
Cruz Bar A´Kalbili, Calle Torre Quevedo, 8
Cruz Currito, Calle Ángel Gámez
Cruz San Juan, Plaza de Noreta
Cruz de la Victoria, Plaza de la Victoria
Cruz Vera Cruz y Sepulcro, Plaza de la Victoria,
Cruz Resucitado y Triunfo, Plaza de la Victoria
Cruz Infantil Las Infantas, Plaza de la Victoria.

La Herradura has seven entries:
Cruz Barrio Alto, Calle Barrio Alto 5
Cruz Asociación de Comerciantes, Calle Canalejas 16.
Cruz Vecinos de Las Maravillas, parque Las Maravillas.
Cruz Club del Pensionista, Club del Pensionista Centro Cívico
Cruz Matilde
Cruz Los Compadres, Calle Canalejas
Cruz El Duende, calle Alhambra Edif. Campin Bajo.

2017 3rd Annual Ruta De Tapas

Tomorrow sees the start of the annual #Almunecar Ruta De Tapas, running until Sun 23rd. Over 40 tapas bars and restaurants are in this year, and as before if you get 5 or more “stamps” on your passport you stand to win Spa tickets, discounts on promo beers and more. You also get to vote on the best tapas and the winning restaurant / bars stand to win free fees for the Gastro Fair.

Full list of participating bars and restaurants is below (click to enlarge / download to your phone or tablet or print):

2017 Semana Santa Processions

The timings and routes for the Semana Santa – Easter week -processions 2017 have now been released as a handy PDF which you can download to your phone or other device.
Simply “click” here on Easter Week 2017 Itineraries and the file should open for you.


Also please note that timings for pick up & collection for both the riding & activity holidays will change slightly, to accommodate everyone who wants to see the processions.  Don’t forget that these processions are very well attended, so arriving at least 10 mins before it passes is recommended – even earlier if you are going to view the departure.


You can also find out more about Semana Santa as well as see a series of images from just a couple of the 2016 Easter Processions.

April 2017 Cultural Agenda

This month’s cultural events itinerary is now out – Obviously the main events of the month will be the spectacular Semana Santa Easter processions  (as soon as we get their running times and routes we will put them on line).

As usual “double click” for a full size image / or to download to your phone / tablet / PC…

Almunecar April 2017 cultural agenda
April 2017 Cultural Events