San Isidro Romeria Almunecar 2016 – Update

San Isidro Almunecar 2016

As forecast today was a lovely warm 21 to 22 and sunny all day for the San Isidro Romeria.  The procession left the temple after the Mass, and was in full swing by 11:00 with a steady stream of pilgrims following the ox cart and effigy to make the trip up Rio Verde to Torrecuevas.

Romeria de San Isidro 2016 in Almunecar

The new route seemed to work very well, especially as town was very busy with the Sunday Market as well.  Very nice to see was the increased numbers, with this some 40 decorated carriages and many more riders accompanying them this year (another dozen or so joined in from around the Carbonell’s area after the photos were taken).