Jazz En La Costa 2017

The 2017 Jazz En La Costa festival is celebrating it’s 30th year and will be running from Mon 17th to Sat 22nd July as always in Majuelo Park.  All concerts are slated to start at 22:30 each night, and you will be pretty hard pushed to find a more spectacular setting next to the Roman garum factory and in the shadow of Castillo de San Miguel.     A full run down of the artists can be found on the festival home page, with links to YouTube clips, discographies, etc.


Advance tickets are available from Halcon Viajes and  Viajes Ecuador  here in Almunecar at €19.50 per gig / €91.50 the festival , or online at ticketmaster.es for €18 per gig  / €90 the festival.  Or you can take your chances and queue one hour before doors open at the gate for returns.

Main Festival Acts

Mon 17 July: John Pizzarelli, voz y guitarra. Daniel Jobim voz, guitarra y piano. Helio Alves, piano. David Karn, contrabajo. Duduka da Fonseca, batería.

Tue 18 July: Charles Lloyd Quartet, Charles Lloyd,  saxo. Gerald Clayton, piano. Reuben Rogers, contrabajo. Eric Harland, batería

Wed 19 July: Roberto Fonseca, piano, teclados y voz. Ramses “Dinamite” Rodríguez, batería. Adel, percusión. Yandy Martínez, bajo. Javier Salva, saxo barítono y flauta. Matthew Simon, trompeta. Jenks Jiménez, saxo tenor. Abrahán Aristilde, vocal.

Thu 20 July:Antonio Faraò, piano. Charles Tolliver, trompeta. Heiri Kanzig, contrabajo, Gary Husband, batería

Fri 21 July: Hiromi, piano. Edmar Castañeda, arpa

Sat 22nd July: Myles Sanko  with Rick Hudson, batería. Jon Mapp, bajo. Tom O’grady, teclados. Phil Stevenson, guitarra. Gareth Lumbers, saxofón. Mark Perry, trompeta.

Free “Fringe” Concerts & Events:

Sábado, 15 de julio. A partir de las 22.30 h. Plaza Nueva. La Herradura.
Domingo, 16 de julio. A partir de las 22.30 h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento y Bajos Paseo del Altillo. Almuñécar.
Del 17 al 22 de julio. A partir de las 00.00 h. Trasnoches de Jazz. Parque El Majuelo

Del 15 al 22 de julio. De 10.00 h. a 13.00 h. y de 19.00 h. a 21.00 h. Palacete La Najarra.
30 años de Jazz en la Costa. Carteles de Juan Vida

Semana de Espetos

In an effort to promote the fact that espetos are not purely a Malaga thing, the association of chiringuitos has launched espeto week here on the Costa Tropical.

For those who don’t know, espetos de sardinas  are fresh sardines, seasoned with sea salt, skewered on sugar cane or bamboo spears and then barbequed over olive wood.  Usually served just with locally grown lemon, along with freshly baked bread with olive oil, they are absolutely superb at this time of year. Simply the best lunch possible sat on the beach, and as an oily fish, sardines are highly recommended as being good for you.  Other sea food can also be prepared and cooked this way – most common is sardines, but langostines / gambas and occasionally octopus (pulpo) are also prepared like this.

The promotional week runs from Monday 26th to Friday 30th, just €5 will get you not only the espeto, but a beer, tinto verano, soft drink or water as well.

The 16 participating restaurants are:

  • Playa Cantarriján: La Barraca.
  • Playa La Herradura: Chambao Vicente, Chiringuito Bueno, La Sardina, Bambú, Rebalaje y Chambao Joaquín.
  • Playa San Cristóbal: Chiringuito Dorada de Plata, Pepe Dígame, Vizcaya y Calabré.
  • Playa Velilla: Chiringuito Primera Ola, C´a Mariano y Playamar
  • Playa El Pozuelo: Chiringuito Balate y restaurante Viña del Mar