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August availability is now getting scarce, especially for the week leading up to 15th as that is the annual town fiesta week.  While we are normally happy to take non Saturday to Saturday bookings we are now unable to take any more arrivals on Wed 9th August.  Arriving Sat 5th or Sat 12th should be fine though, as long as we can still find you a room.

The second half of August has a few more possibilities, but rooms are now definitely more of an issue. The main reason for this is with the introduction of the new villa and self catering licensing laws for Spain a huge amount of SC properties are no longer available legally, which has caused a knock on effect into hotel availability.

Definitely time to book now if you are still undecided, and we will do our utmost to get you your first choice of accommodation.

Too Busy /  Rushed Off Your Feet??

And, if you really busy and haven’t time to check out all the options then just click for a no obligation “Quick Quote” and just let us know how many of you there, how many bedrooms you’d like and when you’d like to come.

We’ll sift through the various accommodation options for you and then email you a detailed no obligation quotation, showing the exact pricing, the activity options, accommodation details and much more to read when you have a moment.

PADI Five Star Centre In Spain

Big congratulations to Marcin & Sara in the Black Frog dive centre for being awarded the PADI Five Star dive centre accolade.  They’ve been really busy this year not just with all the trial dives and snorkel safaris but doing a lot of instruction and training for all levels of courses, from Scuba Diver thorough Open Water, Rescue Diver to Dive Master and more, as well as gaining accreditation with the Handicapped Scuba Association.  14462906_1142739299140457_5165027338424727095_n

To understand more of what “Five Star Centre” means the following explanation from PADI themselves sums it all up..

PADI Five Star Dive Centers are progressive dive shops that provide a full range of PADI scuba diving education programs, equipment selection and experience opportunities, while encouraging aquatic environmental responsibility.  These businesses excel in providing quality services to divers, present a professional image and actively promote the benefits of recreational scuba diving, snorkeling, dive travel, and environmental protection.

PADI Five Star Dive Centers embrace the PADI System of diver education and offer regular continuing education programs to ensure divers have the opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge. These dive businesses are active in the community and are committed to providing customer satisfaction along with great dive experiences.”

PADI Open Water Diver Training On Holiday

Don’t forget you can easily qualify as a PADI Open Water Diver while here on holiday.  You can complete all the theory while still at home, so when you arrive you’ll just have all the actual fun stuff to do (and none of the “classroom bit”) while on holiday!

We’re happy to accommodate any leaving and start dates – and can do all sorts like horse riding or walking for non diving partners.  Just contact us for details and a free no obligation quotation.


1st May – Dia del Trabajor

1st May – Dia del Trabajor

These days, when we take for granted all manner of rights and laws covering our well-being at work, the holiday that is celebrated on the first of May, known in Spain as ‘el día del trabajo’ – ‘Work Day’ – serves to remind us that it was not always thus. The marches held on this day are now peaceful enough, but they pay homage to a struggle that came to a head in protests in Chicago in 1886.

At that time, working conditions for manual workers were appalling. Your working day would typically last sixteen hours, your wages would be low, your standard of living likewise. Children worked from the age of six, women would have to do the night shift to augment their husbands’ wages. Thousands of workers went on strike at the beginning of May, 1886, and demonstrated for the right to a 48-hour week or an 8-hour day. In circumstances that remain controversial to this day, violence erupted, several people were killed, many were arrested and some were even subsequently executed following farcical trials, becoming known as the Haymarket Martyrs.

The date of May 1st, already a day dedicated to some pagan festivals, later became an emblematic day for the labour movement and a national holiday in some countries. Every year in Spain since 1976 there have been marches organized by the trades unions on this day, the slogan this year being “Por la igualdad, empleo de calidad”, ie to achieve equality we need good-quality employment.

Immediately surrounding 1st May are the Cruces de Mayo, or May Crosses.

San Jose Fiesta 2016

San Jose Fiesta 2016

A bit late off the mark, but the translation into English of the itinerary for this year’s Fiesta in honour of San Jose, the patron saint for La Herradura, is below.  The fiesta runs for four days from Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th March.

We will once again be supporting the Corrida de Cintas a Caballo held on Playa del Carbón on Saturday (which Google has translated as ” Tape Run Horse. Coal beach.”!).

San Jose

This is an annual favourite where local riders compete for, usually, a jamon by trying to spear spooled ribbons suspended on a wire over the beach. Sharp eyes will detect the cheats using their fingers instead of the small wooden sticks provided…

Other events well worth attending are the police dog & falconry displays as well as the firework show by local maestro Martin of Motril.  Many of the dances and processions will be accompanied by locals in full flamenco regalia, so this can usually be a opportunity traditional costumes.

The full itineraries are below – or you can download as a PDF from the local fiesta details page on the activity holidays web site.

Fiesta de San Jose 2016
San Jose 2016


10: 30h. Awards ceremony for the children’s literary contest “will come”. 10th Edition. Organize library Coral collaboration with Tenure Mayor of La Herradura. Theatre Civic Center.
13: 00h. Home Fair Day. Eucalyptus Street.
16:30. Bike ride, organized by the cycling club of La Herradura. Departure from La Plaza de la Independencia.
20: 00h. Aroma Performance Dance, professional school. Official Box Party.
20: 30h. Performance of the School of Dance “Alma Flamenca”. Official Box Party.
21: 30h. Inauguration of the Exhibition Centre and turning the lights of the holidays. Portico entrance to the exhibition. Burst of fireworks and thunder, announcing the start of the Festivities.
23: 00h. Verbena in the Municipal box. Entertainment by the group “Alalba” and Orchestra “Temptation”

FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2016
10: 00h Alegre wake up with Charanga “yes or”
12: 00h falconry display at the Sports Beach.
13: 00h Fair Day Eucalyptus Street..
13: 15h Retransmission of the festivity by the Bay FM Radio. (Fair Day).
15: 45h Departure from the Civic Center Cabezudos accompanied by Charanga “Yes or what.”
16: 00h Traditional Corrida Tape on Calle Real. Serrano ham First Prize donated by the Friends of La Herradura.
18: 00h Floral Offering. Departure from the Civic Center. Women’s Association organized S. XXI and collaboration of Coro Andaluz “Our Things”. We invite all attendees to participate wearing their flamenco dresses.
20: 00h Exhibition Aerobics and Pilates in the Official Hut, organized by the Association of Women Fusion Body and Mind, directed by Marian Serrano Ruiz.
22: 00h Grand Castle Fireworks Pyrotechnics by Martin. Pyro-Musical extravaganza. “A fusion of light and sound, where the fire dance to the music under the stage of heaven”
23: 00h Verbena in the Municipal booth. Enlivened by the “Alalba” group and the Orchestra “Temptation”

09: 00h peal of bells from the Church of San Jose, on the occasion of the day of our patron.
10: 00h Alegre wake up with the “Charanga Calipso”
10: 15h VI Rise tourist to Castillejos cycle. Cycling Club organizes La Herradura. Departure from the Official Caseta Party.
12: 00h Mass in honor of our patron San Jose. Musical accompaniment by the Choir “Horseshoe Bay”, Led by Maria Angeles Ruiz Román teacher.
12: 30h Concert in the Plaza of the Church of San Jose, offered by the Band of Historical Music Almuñécar.
13: 00h Fair day. Eucalyptus Street.
13: 30h Opening Dr. Angel Galdo Street. Barranquillo.
16: 00h Tape Run Horse. Coal beach.
17: 00h Games and cucañas in the Civic Center Plaza. Neighborhood Association organizes Rambla del Espinar. airbeds, Mechanical Bull and many more diversions.
20: 00h Solemn procession in honor of our Patron San José, accompanied by the Band of Historical Music Almuñécar. Itinerary: Temple; C / Canalejas; Calle Las Flores; C / Real; C / Acera del Pilar; Paseo Andres Segovia, Calle Eucalipto; C / Alhambra; C / Barranquillo; Confinement in his temple.
23:00 Verbena in the Municipal booth. Enlivened by the “Alalba” group and the Orchestra “Temptation”

SUNDAY, MARCH 20, 2016
08: 00h Fishing Contest in the Bay of La Herradura. (Registration at Sports Tempo until Friday March 18th.)
Cast posts at 8: 00h am at the entrance to the Municipal Market. Sports organizes Tempo.
09: 00h to 18: 00h Livestock Show next to Hostal Los Verdiales.
10: 00h Spinning Master Class in Sports Beach sports. Organizers: Feel Sport
10: 15h display model airplanes. FunFly RC Costa Tropical. Model airplane club organizes Costa Tropical. Coal beach.
11: 45h Fitness Combat Sports CKB in Playa. Organizers: Feel Sport
12: 30h Departure Fair of characters, stories and cartoons accompanied by Majorette La Herradura.
13: 00h Fair Day Eucalyptus Street..
13: 15h Award Ceremony 2016 San Jose Pepe Gamez Exhibition Hall. Civic Center.
14: 00h Choir Performance Rociero “Our Things”. Fair Day.
16: 30h Free Cinema. Civic Center, “Capture the Flag”.
17: 00h Exhibition Canina Local Police Almuñécar and Granada and other security forces. Drug detection dogs, rescue and intervention. Beach sports.
19: 30h Performance Dance School Solange Janssens.
20: 00h Performance by Dance School “Sabor Andaluz” – Official Caseta Party
Verbena 11:00 p.m. in the Municipal booth. Enlivened by the “Alalba” group.
24: 00h fireworks finale

More Info

For more info on fiestas in Almunecar please see our main web site – or for the riding activities and holidays please see the riding holidays in Spain site.


New Activity Holiday Hotel

We’ve had our eyes on Hotel Casablanca for ten years now, and at long last we are now offering accommodation here for our activity holidays this year.

If you like the more quirky style rather then the corporate sameness of the big chains then this pick is going to be just right for you.  Featuring a great interpretation of Moorish architecture and decoration, with all the modern facilities you’d expect Casablanca is not going to disappoint – and with all your activities sorted out you’re pretty well guaranteed a fabulous holiday.

Hotel Casablanca


Hotel Casablanca




Balcony sea view



The location is also spot on – right next to the Penon del Santo where Abderraman I landed in 755 AD from Damascus, before going on to establishing the Emirate in Cordoba, ushering in 730 years of Moorish influence over the Iberian peninsular (the Arabs eventually left in 1489 after the eventual fall of Granada in 1492, at that time governed by Boabdil, to the opposing Christian forces under Ferdinand & Isabel – but more of that, if you wish, on Monday evening’s free guided wander around the old town).

A super hotel with a traditional Moorish theme and decorations, which is ideally situated next to the Penon del Santo and main San Cristóbal beach. The castle and Majuelo park are literally just around the corner jand the old town with all it’s tapas bars and restaurants is just a couple of minutes walk further on past the park.

Casablanca only gets graded as a two star, as it does not has a swimming pool, but the beach at San Cristobal is literally over the road and the decorations in the hotel more than make up for it, especially as being relatively small it is very atmospheric with its Moorish decor and intimate feel.

The hotel has WiFi internet access, restaurant, cafeteria and bar and a terrace overlooking the plaza, where at the weekends a small local craft market is held around the fountains, where locally made bargains of jewellery, ceramics, leather bags etc. can be found.

Wherever possible we try to obtain front facing rooms with balconies overlooking the plaza for our activity holiday clients, but please note these are limited and subject to availability. They are all allocated on a “first come – first served” basis – so early booking is absolutely vital (due to their popularity if you are looking for July to September then bookings should be made by end of January).

More information can be found on our website at activity holidays at Hotel Casablanca


Activity Holidays – New B&B Accommodation

We’ve been working hard over the festive season to bring even more options to you for your activity holiday accommodation choices.  Over the past few months a few people have asked for more choices along the “B&B” lines – something a bit less formal than a full on hotel experience, but still with quality rooms, decorations  and still close to the beaches and the old town.

View from terrace
View from terrace

Well, Julie has managed to find an absolute gem in Casa Roja – the Red House.  This is a super casa, run by Manuela, her partner Alvaro and Kana the labrador.

All the boxes are ticked, as it is just 10 mins walk into the old town, and the same or slightly less to the beach and water-park.  And, as always, with our activity holidays staying here we take care of all the transport to and from the activity sites, so you have no driving or parking worries while on holiday.   The house is decorated superbly in a traditional Andalucian style, with local themes and colours used throughout.  All the rooms have been named after the locally grown tropical fruits such as Chirimoyas, Granadas (pomegranates) and Mangos.


Guayaba Bunkroom


Mango Bedroom


View to Pena Escrita from terrace




Aguacate Bedroom


Living Room and view out to terrace


Papaya Bedroom


Granada Bedroom


Terrace, Pool and view over Rio Verde



The house has a two floor layout, with communal areas in the upper level and the bedrooms and accommodation in the lower level.  The living room is surrounded by a lovely terrace, from which you can enjoy the views of the tropical crops and the surrounding mountains.  The spacious gardens of the house contain the swimming pool for summer use.  There is also a barbecue area for your use while you stay – and you are also welcome to use the kitchen whenever you wish, which is well equipped with everything you need during your stay.

Casa Roja easily sleeps 14 px – with a further 2px able to be accommodated on sofa style beds.  There are five spacious bedrooms, all air conditioned and decorated and finished to a high standard, with three of them having double beds with terrace (Granada, Mango & Aguacate), one of which (Granada) has a sofa bed so can accommodate 3px.

A further 2 twin rooms (Chirimoya & Papaya) are furnished with two single beds, and again one of these is also available with an additional sofa bed / folding bed for occupation for 3px.

There is also a further large “bunkroom” (Guayaba) which is fitted with with bunk beds. This sleeps up to 4 persons and is offered on a shared accommodation basis, or it may be reserved for dedicated use for children’s occupation or small groups subject to availability.  This gives great flexibility as it is ideal for, say, two families with families as you can park all the teenagers in their own bunk room!

All rooms share two separate bathrooms: one of them with shower and a bath, the other with shower. Television is available in the living room, with some English channels such as BBC News, CNBC.  Full tea & coffee making facilities as well as a large fridge are available in the kitchen, which is always available for your use.

The house is conveniently located in the Los Pinos area of Almuñécar, and has super panoramic views over the chirimoya fields in Rio Verde towards the mountains of Sierra de la Almijara and the Valley of Rio Verde, yet as mentioned is only a short 10 mins walk to the beach or old town – even less to the feria where the Friday and Sunday markets are held.

More info on these activity holidays

Please see our pages on activity holidays staying here, or download a brochure.