2019 Almunecar Ruta de la Tapa

Around 30 restaurants and bars are now signed up for this year’s annual “Ruta de Tapas” running on Friday March 29 to Sunday March 31 and from Friday April 5 to Sunday 7th.

As always there will be ‘passports’ available at the participating venues, as well as at the tourism office for your use in navigating your way around all the entrants and voting for your favourites. 60% of the total score will be from your votes, with the remaining 40% being made up from a panel of 5 “secret shoppers” who will sample the delights on offer in total and absolute secrecy by means of wearing spectacles with false moustaches attached.

Each entrant will be submitting a fixed price tapa and drink for €3 during the competition period. More details of each venue, as well as their individual tapas can be seen on the official ruta de tapas web site

Please do vote for your favourites, as it means a lot to the winners and runners up. In order for your votes to count, you will need to have visited at least 5 establishments, and have had the corresponding box on the passport stamped. Completed passports can be filed at the Town Hall, or the tourism offices on Paseo Altillo or by the Aquarium. Each correctly completed passport will be entered into a raffle for some superb prizes as well!

San Jose 2019

The itinerary for the 2019 San Jose fiesta has now been released. Running from Fri 15th to Tue 19th March this is one the main local fiestas for La Herradura.  A huge variety of things to see and do, including the ever popular “ribbon race” for the horses on the beach, which this year appears to have a bit more publicity surrounding it







The program runs to some 56 pages (!) so may take a while to download:


March 2019 Cultural Agenda

As always, here is this month’s cultural agenda.  Flamenco, Blues & Soul. Rock, Choral and much more.  Also don’t forget to look out for local flyers for local bands, and for live flamenco in bars in the old town.  Just click on it for a larger version – It’s also “right clickable” so you can download it onto you phone for reference later…



Tango Spectacular

The next few days the town goes Tango mad, with over 400 participants in a 2 day frenzy of passionate foot stomping.  Tonight, Friday 18th, the weekend starts at 19:30 at the Casa Cultura, with Instantes de Vida, which promises theatre, dance, music, songs and poetry, along with the most famous tangos, vibrant melodies and the occasional “world-famous surprise”.

This is followed with a spectacular on Saturday night, La Noche Que Me Quieras,  showcasing several well known names in the tango world  and honouring Carlos Gardel.  This show premiered in Valencia and it is a great coup for Almunecar for it be performed here.







The two main concerts are supported by Milonga dancing in Parque de Majuelo.  This is a form of Tango which originated around the River Plata in Argentina & Uruguay and was at its height in the 1870s.

Hotel Almunecar Playa is also  hosting a series of exhibitions and workshops over the weekend, with over 60 registered dance partners.

Tickets are available at the Casa de Cultura, or at Viajes Ecuador as well as on-line at bravoentradas.com

Local Champion Ice Cream Maker

Anyone who has been here will know of the fabulous heladerias / geletarias around the town and sea front with their fabulous displays of home made ice-creams.  One of our local ice cream craftsmen,  José Muñoz Frontana,  of Heladería Daniel on Paseo San Cristobal, has got through to the final 12 of the national “Best Ice Cream Maker Of Spain” competition.

The finals are being held in Madrid from 23 to 26 February.  Each contestant will have 9 and a half hours per day to create their entries, with the judges looking at their skills, flavours, composition, texture, decoration, techniques and creativity .

You can skip the advert in the video when the text in the video reads  “Saltar Anuncio” – or if the video does not work try this direct link: 2018 Ice Cream Championship. and the interview should start after the advert finishes (small timer at bottom right).


Almunecar Christmas Events 2018

The official Christmas events agenda for this year is now out, with a great choice of festive flamenco, the ever popular Belens (or Nativity scenes)  as well as the Tres Reyes processions, ballet, musical evenings, street processions and more.  The agenda (below) runs to some 6 pages so may take a while to load, but can then be downloaded onto your phone / tablet to refer to off line if you wish.

Merry Christmas!!



Fiesta de San Miguel Fiesta, Barrio del Castillo, 2018

The San Miguel fiesta for the ‘Barrio del Castillo’ area (the neighbourhood up around the castle in the “old town”) has it’s annual fiesta this year staring on Friday 28th and running until Sunday 30th Sep.

Probably main points for everyone over on riding holidays are the flamenco concert at 21:00 on Friday, and the procession at 20:00 on Saturday.

Running order for the all the events is as below:



Viernes 28 septiembre.

9 Horas Alegre despertar con cohetes como inicio de las Fiestas 2018

12 horas Apertura de barras en la Feria de Día

17 horas Juegos infantiles populares en la calle de San Miguel, ofrecida pro Jorge “Spiderman”

19 horas. Zumba con Evi Martin

21 horas. Espectáculo flamenco de Ricardo de la Juana y su grupo

22,30 horas. DJ Marcos Cortes (en la caseta oficial)

23 horas. Elección de la Reina de las Fiestas 2018

Sábado, 29 setiembre

9 Alegre despertar con cohetes

12 horas Apertura de las barras de la Feria de Día

12 horas Carrera Infantil San Silvestre. Organizada por el Club Sexitano de Atletismo. Colabora el Patronato Municipal de Deportes.

13 horas. Charanga

15 horas. Actuación de Kaña Sur

17 horas Concurso de Tortilla, a cargo de la Peña Bética San Miguel. Premio a la mejor tortilla: una cena en el Restaurante “La Flor”, y para la tortilla ”Más Bética”, cena en el Restaurante “Calabré”. Presentar las tortillas a partir de las 17 horas en el Centro Cueva 7 Palacios.

18 horas. Grupo de Baile Flamenco “Alma Marinera”

18 horas. Solemne Misa en Honor a San Miguel Arcángel, en el Centro de Día.

20 horas. Tradicional Procesión de la Imagen de San Miguel, con salida desde el interior del Castillo.

21 horas. Verbena popular amenizada por la Orquesta “Quinteto Da Vinci”

Domingo, 30 septiembre

9 horas. Alegre despertar con cohetes

12 horas Apertura de las barras

12 horas. Zumba a cargo de Eva Cervilla

12,30 horas. Gran Fiesta de la Espuma

16 horas Juegos Populares de mayores

16,3 horas. Pachanga de Fútbol en el Polideportivo.

19 horas. Zumba con Paco Zumba

21 horas Hipptamos

22,30 horas. Castillo de Fuegos Artifíciales en las murallas del Castillo.


Almunecar Fiesta 2018

The itinerary for this year’s annual town fiesta in the honour of the Virgen de la Antigua has now been published and this years runs to a  full fun packed 32 page issue!


The whole running order of the main events, as well as the supporting music & bands and full events programme is contained within.  The link to it is here:  Almuñecar-Fiestas-2018 – and the easiest thing to do is to download to your phone to refer to as you wish during the fiesta.

The main cultural events agenda is also now out for August.  These run in parallel to the town fiesta and so this month there will be even more to see and do and do in your free time  – See below for a copy, which again is downloadable for easy use: