32nd Andres Segovia International Classical Guitar Competition

Andres Segovia:
32nd International Classical Guitar CompetitionANDRES_SEGOVIA_2017_FINAL_opt

The 32nd annual Andres Segovia classical guitar competition starts this week on Tuesday 17th January in the usual venue of the civic centre in La Herradura.  Over 20 contestants from 14 different countries will be competing in this most prestigious contest, with a first prize of  €10,000 and a hand made concert guitar made by Aarón García Ruiz (see website ) which is  valued at € 5,200 euros, as well as the opportunity to play in the the upcoming festival.

This annual competition pays tribute to the master guitarist Andrés Segovia – hailed as “.. as one of the greatest guitarists of all time and the grandfather of the classical guitar ” in WikiPedia,  who has become the “adopted son” of Almuñécar and La Herradura, with this year 2017 marking the 30th anniversary of his death.

Heats are being held at 18:00 on Tue & Wed, Semi finals at 19:00 on Thu & Fri.   The final is lated for 19:00 on Sat 21st.  Thos e making it this far wil be playing “Concertino for guitar and orchestra in La minor op.72 by Salvador Bacarisse (1898-1963) accompanied by the University Orchestra from Granada.  After this final the jury will announce the winner and other awards at approx 22:00.

More info on Andres Segovia  as well as the actual competition .


XXXI Andres Segovia Classical Guitar Competition

XXXI Andres Segovia Concert publicity poster Next week’s “big ticket” event running from Tuesday 24th to  Saturday 28th November is the 31st annual International Classical Guitar Competition “Andres Segovia” next door in La Herradura.  This year it is being held in conjunction with the Spanish Ministry of Culture, the Provincial Delegation in Granada of the Ministry of Culture of the Andalusian Government and the Culture of the Hon. Granada Provincial Council.

The competition is held annually in memory of Andres Segovia Torres (Linares, Jaén, 02/21/1893 – Madrid, 03/06/1987) and this year it pays tribute to the mastro Joaquin Rodrigo (Sagunto, Valencia, 22.11.1901 – Madrid, 06/07/1999), on the 75th anniversary of the premiere of his Concerto de Aranjuez.

The public draw for the running order will be held at the Civic Centre, LA Herradura at 13:00 on Tue 24th.  Admittance to the heats is usually free, with a charge being made for the finals (in previous years advance booking has been vital).

Heat 1

  • Free choice repertoire of various styles not exceeding 15 minutes.
  • Joaquin Rodrigo (1901-1999) Invocation and Dance (Ed. Joaquin Rodrigo)

Heat 2  – The contestants who pass the first heat will perform:

  • Free choice repertoire of various styles not exceeding 25 minutes.
  • Marco de Biasi (Vittorio Veneto 1977) Improvisation VI , Editorial EMEC. Award XXV Composition Competition “Andres Segovia”.


    Joaquin Rodrigo (1901-1999): Concierto de Aranjuez, Editions Joaquin Rodrigo.


  • First Prize “Andrés Segovia” endowed with 10,000 (ten thousand) euros. A special concert guitar model built with the finest woods, materials and varnish, with Canadian cedar top, rosewood body Madagascar shellac and varnish Made by combining the most modern construction techniques acoustic instruments with grenadine secular tradition, with its traditional hard case valued at € 5,200, the musicologist and luthier Aaron Garcia Ruiz ( www.aaron-garcia.com ) and a recital at the Festival International Music and Dance of Granada in its 2016 edition.
  • Second Prize “Andrés Segovia” endowed with 4,000 (four thousand) euros and a recital at the International Festival of Music and Dance of Ubeda in its 2016 edition.
  • Third Prize “Andrés Segovia” endowed with 2,000 (two thousand) euros and a recital in Jaen in the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country.
  • Special prize ” Leo Brouwer ” endowed with 700 (seven hundred) euros for the best interpretation of the work Improvisation VI Marco Biasi winner XXV Composition Competition Andrés Segovia (2,013).
  • Almuñécar Young Musicians Award , as a stimulus to the younger guitarist or exceeding the first knockout stage endowed with 400 euros (four); a guitar recital in Almuñécar; bag for travel and accommodation, the youngest guitarist or exceeding the first knockout stage.
  • The rest of the participants in the Third Test, will receive a “Diploma of Finalist”

More Info

See official certamen de Andres Segovia website – there is small toggle for English / Spanish versions in the top right corner.