Sierra Nevada Opening 2019 – 2020 Season

Sierra Nevada is slated to open for this winters ski season tomorrow – Sat 23rd November, with free parking until 29th and a day pass for an adult at €47 (promo tariff). The original press release anticipated 20 – 80 cm of fresh powder, but at the moment (Friday morning) it is absolutely dumping it down, so as long as the sun puts his hat on it should be stupendous start to the season.

The forecast is for more unsettled weather over the weekend, with the snow level hovering around the 1200 to 1600 metres mark up at the ski resort, so we’re keeping an eye on the web cams and looking at sneaking up on Monday or so when all the weekend skiers are back at work…

SierraNevada November 2019

previsión apertura 23-11
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Sierra Nevada Opening 2017/18 Season

Its now confirmed that the ski resort up the road at Sierra Nevada opens for the 2017 – 2018 season this Saturday, 25th November 2017:







With 2 telecabines, 14 chair lifts of which 6 are high speed dismountables, 4 “magic carpets”and one tee bar servicing just under 110km of pisted runs ranging from 2100m to 3300m altitude, Sierra Nevada has something for everyone.  19 beginners green runs, 42 blue, 50 red and 7 black runs and 7 separate snow parks for freestylers and snow boarders, a 165m half pipe and a ski / snowboard cross course and more!

Latest pictures from Borreguiles – the mid station at 2625m  today:

Borreguiles 2625m alt. 22 Nov 2017

Principiantes 22-11
Técnicos en Borreguiles
cañon en Borreguiles 22-11
Borreguiles 22-11-17
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For more info on our ski days please see our skiing and snow boarding in Sierra Nevada pages.

First snows of 2017/18 season in Sierra Nevada

 The Sierra Nevada ski resort is just up the road from us here in Almunecar and the news is that the first snows of the 2017 /2018 winter season have started this morning.

Down here on the coast we have had thunderstorms and rain, but the white stuff is coming down higher up from 2500m up to to the top of the resort mountain, Veleta at 2398m the summit of Mulhacen at 3479m.

The resort is planning on opening Sat 25th November and now sports a brand new logo, which was rolled out on Monday with a large presentation and audio visual presentation projected onto the walls of the Centro García Lorca de Granada.

The new logo incorporates what is seen to be more modern colours, a new font, a revised stylisation of Pico de Veleta and a nod to Granada itself.

Daily list pass prices for are pretty well in line with last year, running from €36.50 for Spring, €46 for low season, €48 for high season with a promo price of €44 for selected dates (pries given are for adults aged 17 to 59 – discounts for under 17s and 60 years plus).

Details on our ski days up at the resorts are on our skiing in Sierra Nevada page.


2017 Sierra Nevada Freestyle Snowboard World Championships

2017 Sierra Nevada FIS World Championships Timetable
2017 Sierra Nevada FIS World Championships Timetable

Dates between Tuesday 7th and Sunday 19th March for the 2017 Sierra Nevada FIS Freestyle ski and Snowboard World Championships have now been announced.

For the planned event times and male / female events run times click on image to expand – please NB that times / dates / etc are liable to change so for any updates see the  Sierra Nevada site .

For more info on the various disciplines see here and select “Disciplinas” (click “idioma” at top left to change language) Spanish version).  Don’t forget we only have limited places on the transport each day and will be leaving early in order to get decent parking and beat the queues – so if you want to come up and see this event then please contact us ASAP.

  • Mon 6th Moguls Practice 10:30
  • Tue 7th Opening ceremony 18:00
    Parallel moguls, slopestyle & aerials practice
  • Wed 8th Slopestyle, Moguls, Half pipe, Aerials practice
    moguls finals
  • Thu 9th Slopestyle heats half pipe, Parallel moguls finals, Aerials heats
  • Fri 10th Slopestyle heats, Snowboardcross heats, halfpipe heats, snowboardcross heats. Aerials finals
  • Sat 11th Snowboard cross heats Slopestyle Final
    Halfpipe Final
  • Sun 12th Snowboardcross Final
  • Mon 13th Giant slalom heats SkiCross Final
  • Tue 14th Parallel Giant Slalom Final, Big Air practice
  • Wed 15th Parallel Slalom final Halfpipe Big Air
  • Thu 16th Slopestyle practice, Skicross practice, Big Air heats, Halfpipe heats
  • Fri 17th Slopestyle heats skicross practice, Big Air finals
  • Sat 18th Skicross Final
    Halfpipe Final
  • Sun 19th Slopestyle Finals
    Closing ceremony

For ski trips up to Sierra Nevada please contact us for prices and availability.  Don’t forget we can arrange all your Ski / Snowboard / Ski Jacket / Ski Pants / Helmet hire as well as English and other language tuition if required.

Sierra Nevada Skiing 2016 – 2017

The ski season has got off to a great start up at Sierra Nevada, with some good early snowfalls and the resort opening on schedule on Saturday 26th November.  The taster video below was shot from the top of Stadium chair lift on Tue 7th Dec – a cracking day with no wind and bright sun above the clouds in the valleys below gave us some superb early season skiing.

Chocolate caliente con ron
Chocolate caliente con ron

Sadly the cloud cover extended over the Mediterranean, so we didn’t get a chance to see the Riff mountains over the water in Africa, so consoled ourselves with a hot chocolate laced with the local rum!

As always skiing / snow boarding is a part of our winter activity options.  We realise, though, that first timers usually have to commit to a series of ski school lessons.  We can supply expert qualified tuition with English speaking instructors if you fancy a quick refresher.

However, for total beginners who’d like to join in we recommend using SnowBlades instead of trying to ski for the first time on full size skis. Snow Blades  are small skis only a foot or so long, which are easy to turn and steer.  Also, being a shorter than regular skis they aren’t as fast, so as a result you feel in control.  Highly recommended, as these will give you a superb taster of the fun to be had, without all the expense of having to book formal lessons, etc.

2016 – 2017 Season Ski Lift Pass Prices

As a part of our winter activity choices the cost of your lift pass is included, but for adSierra Nevada 2016-17 Ski Pass Prices-hoc trips the new lift pass prices for this season have now been published, along with the dates for off peak & peak season (click on  image for a full sized version).

Don’t forget we have a full schedule of mountain biking, 4×4 buggy safaris, horse riding, superb mountain walks & hikes and much more for the winter season as well as superb diving, so grab some winter sun and come on over.

You don’t need to commit to a full week – we’re happy to do bespoke long weekends or mid week specials for 2px or more – just let us know what you’d like and we’ll put together a tailor made package for you.

For more details please see our winter activity holiday options on the main web site.

Sierra Nevada Ski Station Opening Date 2015

Sierra Nevada 2015 Ski Lifts Opening

The official opening date has just been released today – it’s Saturday 28th November – so start sharpening those edges and waxing those bases.

Poster for Sierra Nevada opening date 2017

The early opening is all down to the low temperatures we have have had for the last week.  These have enabled the use of the artificial snow canons in the Borreguiles beginners area over the last couple of days.

Exactly how big the opening area will be won’t be known until Friday night, but today (Wed 25th) the pisteurs had already prepared nearly 2 kilometers around the ski chairlift at around Emile Allais and the Borreguiles carpet lift.

Access to the area will by the Borreguiles gondola lift, which runs to and from the resort of Pradollano.  As usual, a reduced price lift pass will be offered of €20 (youth €18 & juniors €16) which will run until 2nd December.

Meanwhile, the artificial snow system will continue to run, depending on the temperatures, with snow production in adjacent areas being incorporated into the ski area.

The station will also open the Mirlo Blanco recreation area and also have a restricted piste for wooden sledges in the final stretch of the Rio piste available.

Finally, as a bit of a bonus, underground parking in the Plaza de Andalucía car park will be free until December 2, 2015.

More Info

For more info on our ski trips up to the resort, please see the itinerary for our winter activity holidays.

World Cup Skiing in Sierra Nevada

2016 FIS Freestyle Aerials World Cup

The 2016 World Cup Freestyle Aerials are slated for night time Saturday 27th Feb here in Sierra Nevada.  Artificial lighting will be in place along Crescendo piste, with the final lead off running towards the square at Pradollano.  The event will be covered by live television broadcast, and with the usual light shows and sound systems will be fantastic show!

Map of 2016 Aerials Venue
2016 Aerials Venue

The aerials will include three different ramps, to give jumps up to 12 metres, which will be a superb spectacle especially as it will be sited right next to the village

This means that for the 2015 / 2016 season some 15 national plus 40 regional competitions will be held.

Youth development has not been forgotten, with children of 5 to 12 years old getting a new exclusive training area next to Parador / Cauchiles (by the Virgen de las Nieves ski lift).

2017 FIS SnowBoard and Freestyle Ski World Cup

Sierra Nevada has also been chosen by the FIS to host World Cup skiing in 2017.  The station has already invested heavily in building a  world class snow park in Sulyaires and this investment has now paid off big time.

The World Cup competition, as far as we can gather at the moment, will be split between the snow park, and a second “urban” venue just by the bubble lifts right next to Pradallona village.

The ski station has almost all the venues ready for the World Cup 2017, which will coincide with the “Universiade” which starts on 4th February.

Disciplines will include Big Air (snowboarding), Aerials (freeski), Half Pipe,  snowboarding, parallel slalom, aerials, slope style, Snowboardcross, half pipe and big air.  The freestyle mogul disciplines will include slope style , Ski-cross, half pipe and aerials.

More Info

To get more information on our normal winter schedule, please see our winter activity holiday itinerary.

Sierra Nevada Ski Resort – November News

Sierra Nevada Ski Lift Improvements

We’re all pretty excited over the news that 3 Million Euros have just been spent on improvements up the road at Sierra Nevada, in readiness for the new skiing season.  Main beneficiary of the big spend has been the Al Andalus gondola lift, which we are told will be more comfortable and faster for the 2015/16 season, having undergone a profound renewal of structural, mechanical and electronic elements over the summer to mark 25 years since its commissioning.

Al Andalus gondola is the one on the right as you stand at Pradollano and look up towards the top (the one on the right is Borreguiles) and connects the ski village of Pradollano to the main Borreguiles ski area.  Last year the uplift capacity from the lower part of the  village via these two gondolas was 3300 px/hr for Al Andalus and 2275 ppx/hr for Borreguiles (with Jara chair lift giving an additional 2880 px/hr straight up to the Sulayr snow park / Lomar Dilar area).

Two of the 26 ski lift pylons (numbers 21 & 22) have been renovated and re-located to ensure better performance, which involved draining the lake during the summer to facilitate the work of concreting of the base.  Further work undertaken in the major refit over summer was renewal of over 400 blocks and 50 rockers, as well as major hardware upgrades to the motor rooms.

Sierra Nevada Lift Improvements
Sierra Nevada Lift Improvements

The lift has also benefited from upgrades to the motor and gearing system, described as a “new heart”, which, along with the renewal of all the electronic control systems and cooling systems, will allow the Al Andalus to be faster, reaching a maximum speed of 6 meters a second (compared to 5.2 from previous seasons).

A renovation of  65 gondola cabins has included new windows, isolation supports and interior comfort improvements as well as an improved suspension system to reduce vibrations as the cabins pass over the pylons.

Additional improvements have been made to improve access for users in both the upper and lower stations for more convenient access to the gondolas.

In addition, the station has further invested in improving facilities, with a reform of the Borreguiles top station building, with new public toilets and waterproofing of the terrace of the restaurant, a new transformer for the Monachil chairlift, changes to the urban chairlift cable, fiber optic installations in Stadium chairlift and a new ski lift landing stage for Jara lift.

Finally the works have also improved the lighting of the River and Maribel slopes for night skiing, a renovation and repair of the windbreaks around the park tracks, new processing machines as well as the incorporation of new snow bike Service tracks.

New Pistes & Ski Cross Track

Sierra Nevada will now have a permanent ski cross track and a new competition area for children.  The new ski cross track will be approx. 750 meters long and be used for official competitions.  It will be built with small jumps and banked snow between Sector Three of the Snow Park and the Lomar de Dílar piste.

The station has scheduled 55 races already this year, and will continue to give grants to clubs who dedicate equipment to official competitions, which will benefit about 280 children.

Cetursa Management Changes

Francisco Fernandez, Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, is now president of the operating company, Cetursa Sierra Nevada.

Among the new directors of the company highlights is the former World Cup racer and CEO of Sports Promotion, Maria Jose Rienda, as well as new representatives of local authorities present in the shareholding of Cetursa Sierra Nevada.

Fernandez told the recent general meeting of shareholders and directors of the company details of the investment of 3 million euros, the strategic aims for Cetursa for the 2015/2016 season, the return of the  Freestyle World Cup in 2016 and the increased momentum in promoting Sierra Nevada.

More Info

See our skiing in Sierra Nevada page for more info on our ski and snowboard activity days with Totally Sorted Sports.