Sierra Nevada Opening 2019 – 2020 Season

Sierra Nevada is slated to open for this winters ski season tomorrow – Sat 23rd November, with free parking until 29th and a day pass for an adult at €47 (promo tariff). The original press release anticipated 20 – 80 cm of fresh powder, but at the moment (Friday morning) it is absolutely dumping it down, so as long as the sun puts his hat on it should be stupendous start to the season.

The forecast is for more unsettled weather over the weekend, with the snow level hovering around the 1200 to 1600 metres mark up at the ski resort, so we’re keeping an eye on the web cams and looking at sneaking up on Monday or so when all the weekend skiers are back at work…

SierraNevada November 2019

previsión apertura 23-11
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Sierra Nevada Skiing 2016 – 2017

The ski season has got off to a great start up at Sierra Nevada, with some good early snowfalls and the resort opening on schedule on Saturday 26th November.  The taster video below was shot from the top of Stadium chair lift on Tue 7th Dec – a cracking day with no wind and bright sun above the clouds in the valleys below gave us some superb early season skiing.

Chocolate caliente con ron
Chocolate caliente con ron

Sadly the cloud cover extended over the Mediterranean, so we didn’t get a chance to see the Riff mountains over the water in Africa, so consoled ourselves with a hot chocolate laced with the local rum!

As always skiing / snow boarding is a part of our winter activity options.  We realise, though, that first timers usually have to commit to a series of ski school lessons.  We can supply expert qualified tuition with English speaking instructors if you fancy a quick refresher.

However, for total beginners who’d like to join in we recommend using SnowBlades instead of trying to ski for the first time on full size skis. Snow Blades  are small skis only a foot or so long, which are easy to turn and steer.  Also, being a shorter than regular skis they aren’t as fast, so as a result you feel in control.  Highly recommended, as these will give you a superb taster of the fun to be had, without all the expense of having to book formal lessons, etc.

2016 – 2017 Season Ski Lift Pass Prices

As a part of our winter activity choices the cost of your lift pass is included, but for adSierra Nevada 2016-17 Ski Pass Prices-hoc trips the new lift pass prices for this season have now been published, along with the dates for off peak & peak season (click on  image for a full sized version).

Don’t forget we have a full schedule of mountain biking, 4×4 buggy safaris, horse riding, superb mountain walks & hikes and much more for the winter season as well as superb diving, so grab some winter sun and come on over.

You don’t need to commit to a full week – we’re happy to do bespoke long weekends or mid week specials for 2px or more – just let us know what you’d like and we’ll put together a tailor made package for you.

For more details please see our winter activity holiday options on the main web site.

Ski Conditions Improving at Sierra Nevada

This last few days has seen a welcome bit of snow up at Sierra Nevada.  The resort has been heavily dependent on the snow cannons to date, but now with the last dump things are starting to look up and skiing conditions are set to improve.

Sierra Nevada 7 Jan 2016
Sierra Nevada 7 Jan 2016

There’s a bit more of the white stuff forecast for the end of the week and weekend, but along with most of Europe this has not been the best start to the ski season, with some sources reporting this is the worst start to the season since 1986.

The forecast lowering of the temperatures, however, will mean the freezing line is looking to descend from 2200m to 1600m, so the snow cannons will again be working full time to give us the best possible skiing and snow boarding conditions.

On the plus side, the good weather has meant a marvellous start to the year down here on the coast – just an hour and a half away it’s been nudging 22C today!

Ah well, they do say “There’s no such thing as bad weather – only inappropriate clothing”!

Winter Activity Holidays

As always, you can find more info on our winter activity holidays and skiing days on the main web site.