Updated: Sun 21 Jun 15:14

The Spanish government has overseen a detailed lock-down de-escalation road map for Spain. This consisted of 4 main phases (0, 1, 2 and 3) each of approximately two weeks duration, culminating in the “new normal”. Transition to each phase is subject to certain checks and balances and will, understandably, be subject to modification (a translation of the high level road map is below for reference). It is important to remember that the restrictions in place can and will be modified at short notice in the event of new outbreaks at any level – local, national or international.

Almunecar, in Granada province, moved to New Normality on Sun 21 Jun which is expected to last until the pandemic is declared over / availability of vaccination.

An overview of the restrictions in place for New Normality in Almunecar can be found on the El Pais web site in Spanish, which can be viewed though Google translate.

Regarding individual activities where close contact is usual, we have been working with our suppliers and liaising with the Ministry of Health and other governing bodies such as the Association of Spanish Mountain guides, PADI etc. As a result we have implemented a variety of new working procedures for the future which are over viewed n the Covid19 activity updates page and appended to the activity descriptions on the web site as they are finalised. As and when these procedures are reviewed these pages will be updated.

Hotel accommodation started re-opening in phase I with limited access to public areas. Changes to accommodation as well as airport and transfer impacts can be found documented here.

Please remember that this remains a rapidly evolving situation and is subject to change, but rest assured that we are working very hard “behind the scenes” to provide a safe, professional, service for the summer.

A more detailed version of the extract below can be found on the El Pais website in Spanish, which can be viewed though Google translate .

Original courtesy of El Pais newspaper