After the all night fiestas of San Juan last weekend, we now have the annual Motril airshow to look forward to on Sunday 30th June. This year the display will be staged around Chiringuito Espeto on Playa Poniente and flying is scheduled to commence at 11:00 (subject to weather etc..).

TELEMOTRIL.COM will be supplying a live feed of the events, and there is also a radio link on 107.7 FM.

Slated to appear is the ever popular Eurofighter (heard practising this morning!) with the Army Airpower Forces, (FAMET), also taking part with an HA – 28 Tiger attack helicopter and a Boeing HT – 17 Chinook. Also appearing are the Polish Air Force Acrobatic Patrol, Orlik Team, who fly the PZL-130 Orlik advanced training aircraft, the Canadair CL-415T firefighting aircraft amongst many others.