Preparations are now well in hand for the San Jose 2020 fiesta in La Herradura.

Dates are confirmed as Wed 18th to Sun 22nd March and, once again, it looks like the ever popular “Fiesta de Dia” will be running for a non stop supply of mojitos. Provisional hours are from Thu 19th 13:00 until 19:00. Fri, Sat & Sun 12:00 until 19:00.

This year it is rumoured that our own Julie will be competing in the ribbon race on the beach on Calypso, so if you see her running up and down the road stabbing at the air with a pencil don’t be alarmed!

San Jose Rbbon race on the beach at La Herradura

As soon as the full itinerary for San Jose is published we will update this post with all the event details and timings.

13 March: Latest news is that, sadly, the fiesta has been postponed for at least 15 days due to the Coronavirus restrictions recently announced. as soon as we hear of a new date then we will again update this post.