San Jose Fiesta 2016

A bit late off the mark, but the translation into English of the itinerary for this year’s Fiesta in honour of San Jose, the patron saint for La Herradura, is below.  The fiesta runs for four days from Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th March.

We will once again be supporting the Corrida de Cintas a Caballo held on Playa del Carbón on Saturday (which Google has translated as ” Tape Run Horse. Coal beach.”!).

San Jose

San Jose Ribbon Race
San Jose Ribbon Race
San Jose Ribbon Race San Jose Ribbon Race

This is an annual favourite where local riders compete for, usually, a jamon by trying to spear spooled ribbons suspended on a wire over the beach. Sharp eyes will detect the cheats using their fingers instead of the small wooden sticks provided…

Other events well worth attending are the police dog & falconry displays as well as the firework show by local maestro Martin of Motril.  Many of the dances and processions will be accompanied by locals in full flamenco regalia, so this can usually be a opportunity traditional costumes.

The full itineraries are below – or you can download as a PDF from the local fiesta details page on the activity holidays web site.

Fiesta de San Jose 2016

San Jose 2016


10: 30h. Awards ceremony for the children’s literary contest “will come”. 10th Edition. Organize library Coral collaboration with Tenure Mayor of La Herradura. Theatre Civic Center.
13: 00h. Home Fair Day. Eucalyptus Street.
16:30. Bike ride, organized by the cycling club of La Herradura. Departure from La Plaza de la Independencia.
20: 00h. Aroma Performance Dance, professional school. Official Box Party.
20: 30h. Performance of the School of Dance “Alma Flamenca”. Official Box Party.
21: 30h. Inauguration of the Exhibition Centre and turning the lights of the holidays. Portico entrance to the exhibition. Burst of fireworks and thunder, announcing the start of the Festivities.
23: 00h. Verbena in the Municipal box. Entertainment by the group “Alalba” and Orchestra “Temptation”

FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2016
10: 00h Alegre wake up with Charanga “yes or”
12: 00h falconry display at the Sports Beach.
13: 00h Fair Day Eucalyptus Street..
13: 15h Retransmission of the festivity by the Bay FM Radio. (Fair Day).
15: 45h Departure from the Civic Center Cabezudos accompanied by Charanga “Yes or what.”
16: 00h Traditional Corrida Tape on Calle Real. Serrano ham First Prize donated by the Friends of La Herradura.
18: 00h Floral Offering. Departure from the Civic Center. Women’s Association organized S. XXI and collaboration of Coro Andaluz “Our Things”. We invite all attendees to participate wearing their flamenco dresses.
20: 00h Exhibition Aerobics and Pilates in the Official Hut, organized by the Association of Women Fusion Body and Mind, directed by Marian Serrano Ruiz.
22: 00h Grand Castle Fireworks Pyrotechnics by Martin. Pyro-Musical extravaganza. “A fusion of light and sound, where the fire dance to the music under the stage of heaven”
23: 00h Verbena in the Municipal booth. Enlivened by the “Alalba” group and the Orchestra “Temptation”

09: 00h peal of bells from the Church of San Jose, on the occasion of the day of our patron.
10: 00h Alegre wake up with the “Charanga Calipso”
10: 15h VI Rise tourist to Castillejos cycle. Cycling Club organizes La Herradura. Departure from the Official Caseta Party.
12: 00h Mass in honor of our patron San Jose. Musical accompaniment by the Choir “Horseshoe Bay”, Led by Maria Angeles Ruiz Román teacher.
12: 30h Concert in the Plaza of the Church of San Jose, offered by the Band of Historical Music Almuñécar.
13: 00h Fair day. Eucalyptus Street.
13: 30h Opening Dr. Angel Galdo Street. Barranquillo.
16: 00h Tape Run Horse. Coal beach.
17: 00h Games and cucañas in the Civic Center Plaza. Neighborhood Association organizes Rambla del Espinar. airbeds, Mechanical Bull and many more diversions.
20: 00h Solemn procession in honor of our Patron San José, accompanied by the Band of Historical Music Almuñécar. Itinerary: Temple; C / Canalejas; Calle Las Flores; C / Real; C / Acera del Pilar; Paseo Andres Segovia, Calle Eucalipto; C / Alhambra; C / Barranquillo; Confinement in his temple.
23:00 Verbena in the Municipal booth. Enlivened by the “Alalba” group and the Orchestra “Temptation”

SUNDAY, MARCH 20, 2016
08: 00h Fishing Contest in the Bay of La Herradura. (Registration at Sports Tempo until Friday March 18th.)
Cast posts at 8: 00h am at the entrance to the Municipal Market. Sports organizes Tempo.
09: 00h to 18: 00h Livestock Show next to Hostal Los Verdiales.
10: 00h Spinning Master Class in Sports Beach sports. Organizers: Feel Sport
10: 15h display model airplanes. FunFly RC Costa Tropical. Model airplane club organizes Costa Tropical. Coal beach.
11: 45h Fitness Combat Sports CKB in Playa. Organizers: Feel Sport
12: 30h Departure Fair of characters, stories and cartoons accompanied by Majorette La Herradura.
13: 00h Fair Day Eucalyptus Street..
13: 15h Award Ceremony 2016 San Jose Pepe Gamez Exhibition Hall. Civic Center.
14: 00h Choir Performance Rociero “Our Things”. Fair Day.
16: 30h Free Cinema. Civic Center, “Capture the Flag”.
17: 00h Exhibition Canina Local Police Almuñécar and Granada and other security forces. Drug detection dogs, rescue and intervention. Beach sports.
19: 30h Performance Dance School Solange Janssens.
20: 00h Performance by Dance School “Sabor Andaluz” – Official Caseta Party
Verbena 11:00 p.m. in the Municipal booth. Enlivened by the “Alalba” group.
24: 00h fireworks finale

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For more info on fiestas in Almunecar please see our main web site – or for the riding activities and holidays please see the riding holidays in Spain site.