Just a quick reminder that, sadly, this year’s San Juan fiesta on the beaches has been cancelled due to the covid19 issue.

The Ayuntamiento has decreed that all beaches will be closed from 19:00 on Tue 23rd to 09:00 on Wed 24th June, with no camping, bonfires, or visiting the beaches permitted.

Traditionally, San Juan sees literally thousands camping out along the coast with bonfires to celebrate the solstice, and is the only night of the year on which you are legally allowed to erect tents and sleep on the beach.  Large bonfires are built and at midnight it is traditional to burn old items to purge any bad luck and to jump over the flames three times.  A traditional midnight dip in the sea to wash your hands and feet three times completes ceremonies and guarantees good luck in the next 12 months – the sea temperature is usually in the low to mid 20s so it it is not too chilly! Sadly, though, not this year…

However, to make up for the disappointment you will get the chance to indulge in one of those “you only see them once a year” eatables – a Bollo de San Juan  which is a cinnamon flavoured bread roll with a hard boiled egg embedded within. Enjoy!