Almunecar Semana Santa Poster 2021

As we know, sadly, the incredible processions which are normally held over Semana Santa (or Easter Week) have been cancelled this year due the the Covid pandemic. It’s probably for the best, as these always draw huge crowds to both partake and spectate. And with the vaccine roll out we look to be within sight of an end to this scourge, so another year without these is the right decision.

You can see an overview of the usual events as well as these images from the 2016 procession as a reminder of normal times, as well as a video of part of the Cristo de los Gitanos (Christ of the gypsies) singing but the town hall has come up with a compensation to mark the week.

This consists of two parallel activities involving some 100 locations running until 4 April – a distributed exhibition of artefacts and chattels used in the processions based in over 60 establishments along the normal procession routes, and a separate gastronomy route running alongside featuring around 35 restaurants, bars and cafes.

2021 Easter Gastronmic Route

It is also rumoured that there is a QR code to facilitate download of the maps and details, but for reasons known only to the townhall it has not been made public on either their, or the local tourism, websites! As soon as we track it down we will update this post.