This last few days has seen a welcome bit of snow up at Sierra Nevada.  The resort has been heavily dependent on the snow cannons to date, but now with the last dump things are starting to look up and skiing conditions are set to improve.

Sierra Nevada 7 Jan 2016

Sierra Nevada 7 Jan 2016

There’s a bit more of the white stuff forecast for the end of the week and weekend, but along with most of Europe this has not been the best start to the ski season, with some sources reporting this is the worst start to the season since 1986.

The forecast lowering of the temperatures, however, will mean the freezing line is looking to descend from 2200m to 1600m, so the snow cannons will again be working full time to give us the best possible skiing and snow boarding conditions.

On the plus side, the good weather has meant a marvellous start to the year down here on the coast – just an hour and a half away it’s been nudging 22C today!

Ah well, they do say “There’s no such thing as bad weather – only inappropriate clothing”!

Winter Activity Holidays

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IEB · 7th January 2016 at 17:03

Latest update at 18:00 today is that El Rio Piste will be opening on Saturday!!!

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