Stand Up Paddle Boards

As easy as falling off a log, our Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs) have been a great favourite since their introduction. After a quick bit of instruction you’re free to explore the sheltered bay, perhaps making your way over to Loose Heel bay for a swim, or just cruising along the coast.

Typical Paddle Board Activity

For beginners they can be used kneeling down for starters, using your hands to paddle them. As your confidence grows you progress rapidly to standing up with a full length paddle. A small Velcro fastened safety leash around your ankle connects you to the board via a short cord. So even if you do take an unscheduled swim the board will never be far away from you!

Originally used in Polynesia to cross the open ocean between islands, the boards are in fact remarkably stable and experienced boarders can use them in surf.

One of the great things is that as you’re raised up from the water, it’s much easier to see the fish swimming around underneath you – especially as the water is usually crystal clear.

We normally combine paddle boarding with an hour or so sea kayak rental. This gives you the opportunity to explore the edges of the bay, where the snorkelling is usually best around the rocks. We supply masks & snorkels for your use.

COVID19 Safety

TSS Covid19 Safety Certification

All our activities are conducted under the SARS-Covid safety and working practices regime published by the Ministry of Industry & Commerce and Tourism.
Any additional safety precautions &/or restrictions due to Covid19 applicable to the safe undertaking of this activity can be seen at Covid19 – Activity Safety.

What’s Included?

  • Return transport to water sports centre
  • Safety briefing and starter instruction
  • Paddle board, paddle and leash hire
  • Hire of buoyancy aid
  • Hire of wet suit (winter season)
  • Masks & snorkels

Activity Notes

  • Transfer time: approx. 15 mins
  • Actual activity duration: 2hr
  • You must be able to swim and will need swim suit & towel