Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions
In these terms and conditions “the company”, “we”, “us” and “our” mean Totally Sorted Sports S.L. The ” lead client” means the person making the booking. “You” and “your” mean the lead client &/or persons named on the booking form. “Commencement date” is the date on which your holiday is planned to commence.

A contract will come into force between you and us when the booking form and deposit have been received by us, and we have sent you our written acceptance of the booking. You should check our confirmation to ensure it corresponds to your booking and inform us immediately of any discrepancy. Completion of the booking form implies acceptance by all named on it of these terms & conditions.

The lead client must be at least 18. By making the booking, the lead client confirms that he/she is authorised to make the booking on the basis of these booking conditions by all the persons named on the booking. All persons named on the booking undertake to be bound by these booking conditions. All communication regarding the booking will be made to the lead client, who will be responsible for making all payments due to us.

Provisional bookings will be held for 24hrs after which time they will lapse. If an extension to this period is required you must contact us and request an extension. A completed booking form must be returned to us accompanied by the deposit or full payment as below in order to confirm your booking.

A non-refundable deposit of €150 per person for activity / riding holidays is required (or full payment if commencement date is six weeks or less from the date of booking). Payment of the balance of the holiday price should be made no later then six weeks from the commencement date of the holiday. If payment in full is not received by the due date we reserve the right to cancel the holiday.

We regret we cannot take payments in UK £ for late bookings.

Early Bookings – Price Promise
You can book early without any concerns that the price may rise or fall – we never make last minute surcharges. In the event that prices change, the simple rule is as follows:
• If the eventual price is more than your early booking quotation, we always honour the lower price quoted.
• If the eventual price is lower than the early booking price quoted, your final invoice will be based on the lower price.

Please note that the Price Promise only applies to bookings on the same basis – e.g. same dates, number of people, accommodation choice, board basis, etc.

Cancellations (see below for Covid related cancellations)
If you cancel your holiday there are still a number of costs that have to be paid for, such as administration, documentation, transfer reservation fees, equipment / activity reservation deposits, hotel or accommodation booking fees, etc. These costs have to be covered no matter when the cancellation is made and increase the closer to your arrival date the cancellation is made. Therefore, if you cancel immediately before arrival the cancellation charge is higher than a cancellation which occurred earlier, at which point we would have incurred less losses.

Cancellation charge scale (see below for Covid related cancellations)
Unlike a purely “beach based” holiday we need to organise, schedule and reserve a lot of different equipment for the activities you have chosen. The amount of booking slots are limited – especially in peak season. Also there are only a certain number of equipment items in various sizes / horses for certain abilities / seats or tickets / etc available for any one time. For many of these, especially for activities where we use another licensed company, we have to book and reserve the equipment / places in advance which incurs paying deposits. As the date approaches we cannot guarantee that these reservations can be re-sold and so the scale increases.

Cancellation charges (see below for Covid related cancellations)
In the event of your cancellation of a confirmed booking we will charge a cancellation charge. If all or any of the persons named on the booking form intend to cancel you must inform us immediately by telephone and confirm any such cancellation by writing to us. The date of cancellation will be the date on which the written notice of cancellation is received by us. The period remaining between the date of cancellation and the planned commencement date of the holiday will be used to determine the cancellation charge as follows.

Whole party cancellation charges:
Period Cancellation charge
21 days and less Deposit + 100% of final payment(s) paid
22 – 42 days Deposit + 50% of final payment(s) paid
42 days or more Deposit only

Partial cancellation charges:
In the event of a partial cancellation with 42 days or less to the planned commencement date, the cancellation charge above will apply to the cancelling party(ies) and the remaining party members will not be re-invoiced.

In the event of a partial cancellation with more than 42 days to the planned commencement date, the cancellation charge above will apply to the cancelling party(ies) and the remaining party members will be re-invoiced at the per person rate then applicable to the revised party size.

Depending on the reasons for the cancellation you may be able to claim under the relevant section(s) of your insurance policy.

You may transfer your booking to another party. As long as they meet the booking criteria and there are no changes to the activity or accommodation bookings or the flight times then we will gladly just “change the names”. We reserve the right to make a charge of €25 per person named on the booking for this service. Please note that if the flight times change to a night flight, then there may be an out of hours transfer surcharge fee applicable.

In the unlikely event of our cancellation of your holiday we will refund you the full cost of the holiday that has been paid, at which point our liability to you will cease.

COVID-19 – Amendment to booking terms.
The following amendments to our normal cancellation terms are effective for all new bookings until further notice.

If any of the following conditions apply during your holiday period due to the Covid-19 pandemic
• You are advised against travel to your holiday destination by either your Home Government, the Spanish National Government or Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía) and therefore choose not to travel
• You are not permitted to travel to your holiday destination due to travel restrictions imposed by either your Home Government, the Spanish National Government or Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía)
• You are subject to a Government or other competent Local Authority imposed quarantine and are not permitted to travel
• You would have to undertake a compulsory quarantine period of 2 days or more on arrival at your holiday destination and therefore choose not to travel
• You would have to undertake a compulsory quarantine period of 2 days or more on return to your home address and therefore choose not to travel
• We cannot operate your holiday due to Covid-19 restrictions affecting your holiday destination

The following options will be available to you:
It is before your date of arrival and you have paid just your deposit:
• You can transfer your deposit payment to a new booking date up to the end of 2021 subject to availability
• Receive a full refund of your deposit

If it is before your date of arrival and you have paid your final balance:
• Re-schedule for a later date up to the end of 2021 on a “like for like” basis subject to availability and any weekly price difference (if the new holiday is less we will refund the difference, if it is more we will invoice you for the difference)
• Transfer your deposit payment to a new booking date up to the end of 2021 subject to availability and receive a refund of the balance payment
• Receive a full refund of your deposit and final balance

If while you are on your inbound journey directly from your home address:
• Your chosen accommodation is closed due to Covid-19 during your inbound journey we will arrange alternative accommodation of the same standard

If after you have arrived at your holiday destination:
• Your Home Government, the Spanish National Government or Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía) decrees that you should return immediately to your home country we will arrange return transfers to suit your revised flight departure and expedite your repatriation as quickly as possible. You will receive a pro-rata refund for the missed part of your holiday, based on the number of full days missed counted from your revised checkout time and date to your original planned checkout time and date.

Activity cancellations
Please note all activity dates & timings are given in good faith, but are subject to availability and minimum numbers as well as change for safety, logistical, weather, operational or other reasons. In the unlikely event of an activity becoming unavailable on a given day every effort will be made to reschedule your itinerary to accommodate it a later date. If this is not possible an alternative will be offered, or if pre-paid a refund issued in local currency.

No refunds will be made for activities missed by any member of the booking due to disinclination to participate, incorrect booking or medical information supplied on the booking form, failure to bring documents required such as driving licence, diving certification card, lateness or illness due to excess consumption of alcohol, etc.

Security Deposits – Self Catering Accommodation
For some accommodation options a €200 security deposit will be required on arrival, which may be payed in part sterling. This will be returned on departure less any charges for any breakages or damage.

Transfer Times
Complimentary day time transfers to and from Malaga airport are included in the price of your holiday where indicated. Normal arrival and departure times for Sat to Sat holidays are as follows, but as always if you can get a better deal on off peak flights just let us know.

Pick-up from Malaga: Saturdays 08:30 – 15:30
Return to Malaga: Saturdays 07:00 – 15:00 (approx. your flight departure time minus 3 3/4 hrs)

Please bear in mind when booking flights that if you arrive later than approx. 15:30 on a Saturday you may miss the welcome meal.

In order to keep prices down there may be a short wait for later flights – This also aligns with our stance on reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible by not running vehicles inefficiently.

Out of hours transfers, checkins and check outs
Late evening and night time transfer to and from Malaga airport is available as an optional extra at a supplement. Please see website for the current tariff.

Check in and Check Out Times
Hotels – Wherever possible the hotels try to get rooms cleaned and ready for your arrival around mid day, but on occasions there may be short wait. Check out time will normally be will 12:00 latest. You will be able to leave luggage in the hotel if this is necessary.

Casas, Studios & Apartments – These will be cleaned immediately before your arrival and your catering starter pack foods and drinks put away in the kitchen and fridge. In peak season check in time will normally be 16:00, though if the casa is ready before you are welcome earlier. If arriving substantially earlier luggage can be left at the casa if you want to go to the beach / town while cleaning is completed (if you leave a mobile number we will call you when it is ready). Normal check out time is 09:30. A member of staff will meet you to quickly check the casa and authorise refund of your security deposit.

Sports activity holidays carry a element of risk, and some or all of the activities offered may be classified as having a high level of risk attached to them. As a condition of booking you accept this risk and undertake to have adequate travel, personal accident, medical and cancellation insurance that covers the activities you will be undertaking. See our notes on recommended Activity Holiday Insurance or Riding Holiday Insurance for suggested stand alone or “add-on” policies if required.

If you are a resident of an EU country we advise you that the E111 form has now been superseded by the European Health insurance Card (EHIC) and bring to your attention that this only covers any medical treatment that becomes necessary during your trip on a “state-provided” basis (i.e. as provided to an “insured” persons living in the country you are visiting) and that this may not cover the same treatment or costs as that of your native country.

We are afraid we cannot accept any liability for loss, damage or theft of luggage, personal clothing and /or personal property and advise you strongly to ensure you have sufficient insurance cover for your needs.

A security deposit may be required for those activities where you are loaned or hired equipment or clothing.

Passports and visas
It is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid passport and visa if required for the duration of your holiday. Our recommendation is that you apply in high season at least ten weeks before your departure date for any travel documents you may require.

Totally Sorted Sports, it’s directors, employees, sub contractors and agents accept no liability for personal injury, death, loss or damage to personal property sustained by you.

You will be liable for any damage, injury or loss to accommodation, equipment or third parties caused by you. Payment in full for any such damages must be directly by you to the provider of the accommodation, their manager or agent and a copy of their receipt acknowledging full and final payment must be handed to us before your departure date. In the non-event of any such claim being settled satisfactorily you will be responsible for settling any claims, including legal or other costs for all parties, made against us as a result of your actions.

If we provide or arrange return transport to the airport or other point of departure for you we undertake to make every reasonable effort to ensure you arrive at your destination on time. However in the event of unforeseen delays, weather, traffic build up, accident, breakdown or other unforeseen circumstance we will not accept liability for missed flights or other onward journeys or compensate for any such loss or inconvenience.

Minimum Ages
Certain activities have set minimum ages for participation, which may be different from your native country. In these cases local national law will take precedence. See website activity descriptions for details. Please note that we do not offer baby sitting or crèche facilities.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while undertaking activities. The lead client, or parent or guardian, must give their written consent for all children to undertake any activities booked, and take full responsibility for their discipline during activities and for ensuring their attention and compliance to all safety instructions, activity briefings, tuition or other instruction given by the staff of Totally Sorted Sports, it’s directors, employees, sub contractors and agents.

As elements of your holiday are activities you should, ensure that your health and fitness level is sufficient to participate. Any medical problems should be discussed with your doctor before booking, and you must inform us in writing of any condition, be it physical, mental or behavioural which could be relevant.

Certain activities will require you to complete a medical questionnaire or sign a statement of your fitness to participate. No refunds or credit will be given to you if for any reason you are unable or unwilling to participate or complete any activity(ies).

Certain activities such as driving or SCUBA diving may require production of a licence or other form of evidence of appropriate level of competence and fitness to undertake that activity. No refund can be given if you are unable to participate in any such activity due to not having the correct document(s).

Please note that some of the activities we offer carry certain risks and by booking these you accept that you are exposing yourself to and accept any such risks. Equally, for clients booking riding, you accept that horses are living animals and as such may exhibit unanticipated behaviour.

All participants must be able to receive instructions in English. You must at all times comply with the reasonable requests and instructions of our staff, agents and activity suppliers for both your safety and enjoyment as well as others. If in our reasonable opinion you fail to either conduct yourself in an appropriate manner or deliberately disregard any instruction given you may be asked to withdraw from that activity.

We reserve the absolute right to terminate without notice or compensation your holiday arrangements in the event of abusive, antisocial or violent behaviour, or behaviour which in our opinion will cause distress, danger or upset to either yourself, to us or to any other third party at which time our liability to you will cease.

All participants in water sports must be able to swim at least 25m unaided in the sea (additional requirements for diving).

We strongly advise that all clients wear an approved safety helmet for horse riding and mountain biking and offer them as part of all our itineraries. However, we do appreciate that this is not a legal requirement, and that some experienced clients prefer not to. In this case we will ask you to sign a simple indemnity form, stating that you have been offered the use of a helmet, but have declined and accept responsibility for your decision.

Restrictions on height &/or weight for horse riding and mountain biking activities apply – see the corresponding page for details.

You must consider that laws and local customs and standards of what is right and reasonable behaviour, as well as dress sense, may well differ from those in your native country. We operate a “zero tolerance” policy on drug abuse. If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs you will be refused participation in activities.

Changes to your holiday
All descriptions of activities, sports, accommodation and location on this web site and in any other of our publications or adverts are given in good faith. However, we reserve the right to change without notice any or all items within the holiday if necessary for operational, safety, weather or other circumstances outside of our control.

As many of our activities are weather, amongst other factors, dependent we can not guarantee that any or all may be available on any given day. In the unlikely event that this is the case, we will inform you of the problem and any alternative arrangements. Wherever possible we will reschedule activities to ensure they are available, or provide an alternative activity to the same value, during your holiday, but you must be accept that, especially towards the end of each week, this may be not always be possible and that refunds or compensation for missed activities will not be given.

In the unlikely event of a complaint please remember that unless we have been notified previously we will be unaware of the issue. Furthermore, on occasions, due to differing working practices issues may not be resolved in the same time frame as your native country.

In the event of any complaints regarding self-catering accommodation, you should first contact us in person or by telephone.

In the event of any complaints regarding hotel accommodation, please contact the duty manager in the first instance. If the complaint is not then resolved then please contact us in person or by telephone.
In the event of any complaints regarding a specific activity, please refer in the first instance to your instructor, or guide.

In all instances all complaints must be notified verbally to a member of our staff within twelve hours, accompanied by a copy of the complaint in writing.

If any complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction by the time of your departure, please refer the incident in writing to our office address in Spain for further investigation, marking the envelope “FAO Customer Services”.