We have the best diving sites for over 100 km right here on our doorstep. All the dive schools from the Costa del Sol drive an hour and a half to get here every day – so it’s no wonder these trial dives are incredibly popular! For total beginners the PADI trial session (Discover Scuba Diving or “DSD”) is an ideal introduction. You need absolutely no previous diving experience as full instruction is given.

All our diving is privately guided with English speaking instructors to ensure your safety and enjoyment. They are conducted under the world wide PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) scheme. You can be assured of professional tuition with the highest safety standards and most modern equipment.

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Typical Trial Dive

The staff’s philosophy is that if you don’t enjoy your very first experience then you won’t want to continue. As a result you can be assured that the highest standards of safety and tuition are upheld, to ensure you have a first rate experience of the amazing world that lies underwater. The trial dives are beach based. This ensures you have total confidence in the shallowest of water without the complications of being on a boat.

After a short introduction to the basic rules of diving and your equipment, your instructor will help you kit up. You actually start off with your feet planted firmly on the bottom. Once in the water we kneel down in the shallows in a semi circle around the instructor. He will then demonstrate a couple of key skills for you to practice such as clearing a leaky mask. Before you know it your confidence will grow and the fascinating underwater world will entrance you

Once everyone has had a chance to have a go we set off to explore a whole new world! Your instructors will pick the best side of the bay to explore based on the day’s conditions. Normally we explore along the marina side of the bay as there are usually huge shoals of fish along the rocks there. Often we spot octopus and cuttle fish among the crevices.

We can also arrange digital filming of your trial dive for you. With the crystal clear waters offering excellent visibility this makes a unique souvenir.

You can easily qualify as a PADI Open Water diver in just a few days while on holiday. This opens up diving for you wherever you go next on holiday in the world. You can do all the theory work on-line at home over winter. Then when you are here you get to do just do the fun stuff – diving!! If this appeals then just ask us for details and we will get it all Totally Sorted for you!

COVID19 Safety

TSS Covid19 Safety Certification

All our activities are conducted under the SARS-Covid safety and working practices regime published by the Ministry of Industry & Commerce and Tourism.
Any additional safety precautions &/or restrictions due to Covid19 applicable to the safe undertaking of this activity can be seen at Covid19 – Activity Safety.

What’s Included?

  • Return transport to marina
  • Wet suit, boots, fins, mask and all dive kit
  • All instruction and teaching materials necessary
  • Fully qualified English speaking instructor
  • Diving insurance (compulsory in Spain and is included in trial dives, though it’s usually also covered within your holiday activity insurance)

Activity Notes

  • Transfer time: 15 mins each way
  • Actual activity duration: 3 hrs (approx)
  • No previous experience required, though must be able to swim
  • You will need to review the standard PADI medical self certification form we will send
  • Min age: Trial dive off beach: 12; SCUBA Diver / Open Water courses: 14